Management Overview

We collect the rent, manage the tenant per the lease agreement, coordinate repairs, perform inspections, and process evictions if necessary.


Your property is marketed through the Fayetteville MLS and through the internet on websites such as Zillow, Hotpads, and Trulia. Also, a sign is placed in the yard and Agents have the ability to show your home to their clients.

Control Expenses

Performing preventative maintenance, implementing upgrades and improvements, and managing with sound overall business techniques, we are able to control expenses.


We provide 24-hour mainenance services to our residents/tenants in the event of an emergency affecting the property and implementation of any emergency plan for the property. Due to our high volume, we often receive preferred pricing on most maintenance items.

Tenant Placement

We do everything within our means to find you the best possible tenant by screening credit, past rental history, income, employment and criminal nationwide.

Our Goal For Your Successful Home Management Experience 

  • Monthly payment of expenses attributed to the operation of the property as provided for the property, i.e., property taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities, maintenance items, and/or related vendor contracts for specific services as so authorized by owner.
  • Disburse Owner funds monthly electronically by ACH to your bank
  • Monitor and oversee outside vendor contract work.
  • Provide supervision of all maintenance work performed on the property as to maintain the professional appearance of the property.
  • Provide the resource to improve Landlord/Tenant relationship and in the event a dispute should arise, mitigate said dispute.
  • Perform move-in / move-out inspections to ensure tenant's acceptance of property and to eliminate any dispute at the termination of their lease.